SINGER WRotary (Book 13) User Manual

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<''a n i

ns ;i wide rnnei'' ni eflccd^. 1 hf' ¡'■ isiiiler

fan lie set for deep or shallois' pleats, spaced close fogetiier or far


Six-Stitch Pleating. At point “A” set pin in Mo. fci opemiig for

pleat everv sixtli stitcii.
A t p o i n t “ B” loo-seii
screw, slide levei' down

to deepen pleat. Space
pleats bv length u!
stitch on sewing iiiacli-


Twelve-Stitch Pleating. At poin t “ A’’set pm in Mo. 12opeiiiiig

tor pleat everv twelUh
stitch. At point ‘ ‘ B’

loosen screw, slide lever
tlown to ileepeii pleat.
Space pleats by length
ol stitcli on s e w i n g


Group Pleating. Set Ruffler lor six-slitch or twelve-stitcli pleat-

ing, as above. Proceed to make first group of pleats. Stop sewing.

At po!nt"A”set pininneutralopening markerlstar. Stitch witliout

pleating to point where

next group ol pleats

begin. Reset pin at
point “A” to previous

Shirring. The Shirring Plate is used
to make wide ruffles, deep) headings on
ruffles, and for continuous row’s of



Shirring Plate;

1. Remove handhole cover. Put Shir­

ring Plate on niacliine with point YY
in screw hole on needle plate. Point XX goes in squared opening

of needle plate, anti is held

in place witli handhole

cover, replacetl at this point.

2. Remove lower blade and

heading guide by loosening


on right .side of

Ruffler, and slipping ior-

ward. Tighten small screw.

5. Put Ruffler on machine as


4. Set attachment for ruffl­

For several rows of shirring,
it helps to use the Quilting

Guide for spacing.

Piping and Edgestitching to Ruffle. Use .Ruffler with Shirring

Plate. Enter material to be ruffled between blades from right.

Guide into seam-allowance slot of Shirring .Plate. Place piping
through squared open­
ing on left. Fold under
edge of base fabric.
Guide folded edge into

slot above piping and
above blades. To ad­
just the guide .so needle

sews on very edge,