SINGER WRotary (Book 13) User Manual

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hemmer so that edge of hem feeds througli liemnier scroil
from the right as shown in illustration. The second stitching

will then appear at extreme edge of turn with no guiding

Wide Hemming

The assortment of wide liemmers Is furnished for heavier work

and for making wider hems. They carry the fabric in a slightly
different manner than described for the Narrow Hernmer.

Turn over for about 2 inches toward the wrong side about

inch along the edge of material to be Iiemmed.

Enter material in hemmer from the left and gradually feed it

around and up toward tiie right until "spoon” prortion is comple­
tely enclosed. Now draw material back toward you allowing the
crease on turned edge of fabric to fit around edge of spoon.

(dinlt b»«

htiuo ' iL'snd'.i bi'оf



II I iciiLiCc with pub»'

Ic if. I !•'! i n screw in
( i>. f ,>d t -p ' and pass
th ijui'i»'■ <’mte through
bolr m inessci-bar, adjust
iiii, ouiii* i ...iiide to the
I’D !i' ■ .■ I h‘


' die accord­

ìi,. *'» f'.e desired space
b 'I ’.veti


sili ching, and

Inch '•,) ' gb ‘ ) allow tlie

I'oovi ' d) i.ajj Ireely under

il aiiiì h"'! fasten the


Securely with

. 1 . *d «


< Ì screw.

j - f' . . P Ì '

. \ s h }i M I b -

“ ' ioti' uu t'lJv Ug .1 alAd I"! ill qiu,..i

!t ti,i 'Hiaimicr b, ’ c.vii.s • b, rni-i-

, • • if. '1 !>' .


■ (\ ')

A. Slots to sp'


'’t tidi­

ness at number of



B, Slide Im er fr> '"'’g-
iilate depth of pleat.


Attach Ruiln’i !iy p'ui.
ing the fool d' on At­
tachment holder and

the fork arm D astride
the n e e d l e c l am p
screw. See tiiat needle
goes down in center
o f needle h o l e i n


Ruining. Enter material to be
ruffled betw'een blue blades.

Edge of material is guided into

one oi several slots or adjust­
able guides provided for differ­
ent widths of seam allowance
or headings, as sliowii in these

At point A, set pin in No. 1
opening for gather at every
stitch. At point B, loosen screw
and set lever for depth of gather.
No. 1 makes the finest gather.