SINGER WRotary (Book 13) User Manual

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the needle passes to its lowest point and returnp and, as the

needle ascends it will draw up the lower or sluittle thread with
It. Take the ends of both threads and guide them underneath

the presser-foot (upper tlireatl in presser-foot slot), leading the

ends awav from


toward the liach of machine, and it is readv



To liemove tlie Work

Turn the disc wheel until the take-up 4, (I"ig. 5) is at its

hiidiest point, raise the presser-foot with presser-loot lever and

DRAW THE FABRIC BACK about three inches ш a straight

line, pass both threaiis over the thread cutder on the pressei l>ar.

After tlie material has been removed and the thi-eads cut, dri

not run tlie machine accidentally or otlierwise without material

tiiuler (lie presser-loot.


lollowing paragraph.)

IMPORTANT... -When tlie macliine is threaded, do not

operate it rvitlioat having material under the presser-foot.

Failure to observe this instruction will thread to .lodge

Ш the sluittle mechanism and prevent macliine from rimnnig
pro|)erlv. To correct, lake out bol>bm case and гш"^ the niaclune

in the wrorui ilirection, turning wlieel by hand,





thread out; or better still remove sluittle and clean the ¡ace
and driving g»ins.

The 'reiisicm Eeleaser is operated auloniatically by _ the

pi-esser bar lifter. When it is raised all tension is renjoveil irorn
the ugtper tlireacl. and the sewing may l>e renio\-ed without tug­
ging the tlirearl.

CIia.i»ge tlie Length

The stitch length regulator-..{.o. Fig. 4i regulates the length of

fire stitcfr—forward or reverse.

I’or FORWARD stitching loosen tlie acorn stofi nut on lever

(5, Fig. 4) and move the les-er up to the desired ^stitcli lengtli

position as shown on the numbered sector on the stitch regulator
plate, and turn the acorn stop nut until it touches toe plate.

Number 1 is the sLiortest stitch, number 6 the longest.

Proper Acl)ustmeiit of Teiisioiii

II the upper tension on thread is tight and the lower tension

loose, the upper thread will be drawn to the top thus:



1 - . F u s H n i . d t b t a m i l h ( n m - . ‘ f u s i o n k o r c , d

, . ■ ! V ill bediavvii l<t he h '

rill'! .‘U-m

! r d o! h UP;

, , M'p I*

—V--lii'P! p ;HFi )


. . , 1 ' ,



) .no a'opv t! ,

' on.

I ,


... • oil -.1 hi (h

IP 1 ; ■ i, . i , 1


t b'- ■ ' n-l. ' Ip’


n , ' ■ . ^ .1


, 11

, . . . n



C’» !' { VO 11

:'ii V


и и S '

I' 11^441 ' ' \