SINGER WRotary (Book 13) User Manual

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The White Zigzagger

For novel embroidery trims, elastic shirring, appliques and

monograms the White zigzagger is the itleal complement to your
sewing machine. It does the “tliinhing” wdiile you leisurely guitle
the material under the needle.

The White Hemstitcher

Beautiful hemstitching, picot edgings, lace appliques—all the

luxury accents that give an expensive look to tine linens and

lingerie—are easy to achieve with the White hemstitcher.

You can see and try all these modern aids at your White

sewing headquarters. If you have moved to a new locality since
buying your sewing machine, look under the lamiliar White
oval in the yellow pages of your telephone directory lor the
addresses of stores authorized to sell and service White Sewing