SINGER WRotary (Book 13) User Manual

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between the scrolls of the binder, drop presser-foot lifter, guide

ttie cloth with the left hand, and let the binding guide easilv
tlirougii the fingers of the riglit hand. To change tlie stitxliing,

near or far from the edge, move binding lug "A” (Fig. 21) to
right or left as desired.

Attaching Two Bindings

C,ontrastirig C.oior.s—One Ope'ration

riiere are five slots of various widths in the right side of the

scroll of the binder. These correspond in width to the five sizes
of folded bias taps which are obtainable in most any dry goods

or department store. Be sure that the binding used is inserted
in the slot of corresponding width. Adiust the binder to left or
right with lug "A” to bring the line of stitching the correct dis­
tance from the edge of the binding. It is well to make sure of
tins arljustment (by making a preliminary sample) before pro-

ceetling with (he article wliicli you have to sew.

Iwo tapes may be used at the same time, the wider inside

of tlie narrower. The two are thus sewn to the edge of the
fabric l.y the line of stitching, with the result that the edge
of the wider tape appears as a piping in relation to (he narrow
or outsitle tape.

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on bar.

Fig. 22

Eemove the regular presser foot and attach the Adjustable

Combination Attachment in its place. Loosen the thumb screw

on the attachment and move the foot to the right if the cording
IS to be to the left of the needle. See that the needle goes down
m center of the needle hole before tightening the thumb screw.

Fold a strip of bias over the c»rd, right side out, and place