SINGER WRotary (Book 13) User Manual

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t'lg. 25

Oiling Machine

Oil at the points shown by arrows in Figs. 25 and 26. Before

starting to oil the machine it is very' important that the disc
wheel be turned by hand until the take-up (Fig. 25) is at its

lowest point. To reach points indicated in Fig. 26, tip tiie
sewing head back on its liinges.

How fre(|iiently the machine is used deteraiines the oiling

requirements. Moderate use recjuires oniy' an occasional d.rop

of oil at the points indicated on tlie


ilustratioiis as




Avon] over oiling to prevent soiling inalerials.

For smooth operation and best results it is necessary to use

tiigli grade oil. Use only tliat oil recoimneinied l)v the sup|dier
of your machine.

C1 e a ri i


g 1 a id I i



If liiaciiioe gets tlirty or sticky as a result of using poor oil,

®*' Tom^long idleness, oil tliorouglily witli kero,sene (coai odi

at all points indicated. Then run machine for a short time, wijoe
dry and oil carefully.

rhe Wheel

Whenever the disc


is turned by hand il sfiould always

be revolved in the same direction (clockwise) a.s the motor

turns it.

Do not allow agents or unautlioidzed re}rairiiieii to

tamper with your iiiac,liine. Wlieii any repairs are
needed or instructions wanted in coiiiiection with

tlii.s sewing machine, consult or write the conceiro