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Add / Edit a Server

Click the Add or Edit (with a Server Selected) buttons from the Servers window to open the Server Settings


A short description or name that will be used
to identify this server.



The IP address or DNS name of the server. To
use a dialup connection, leave this setting
blank and Enable Use Dialup, select the dialup
connection to use from the drop-down menu.

User Name/


The user name and password that VIGIL Client
will use to log in to the server. If these are left
blank, a prompt will be opened during
connection for the user name and password to
be input manually. Note: The default
administrator login to VIGIL Server is:
username administrator and password 123.
The default user login is: username user and
password 123.

Use Dialup

Enable to use a dialup connection to connect to
a server. Note: At least one Windows dialup
connection must be set up for this feature to
become enabled.



Open a window to change the default TCP/IP
port settings if they have been altered on the

For the Client software to connect properly to the Server, the TCP/IP Ports in the
Client software must match the TCP/IP Ports on the Server.

To change the TCP/IP Ports: select a preset number from the drop-down menu;
enter in the Data Port and then click the Get Settings button; or enter the ports

Get Settings

Retrieves the settings from the server. Enter
the Data Port and then click the Get Settings
button to retrieve the other ports from the

Reset to Defaults

Click to reset the ports to their default

Check Network Status

Checks the status of your network every set amount of time.

Timeouts Before Failure

The number of times VIGIL Client will attempt to connect to a Server before
marking the Server as offline.