Fronius Symo 10-20 kW User Manual

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Installation notes

Selecting dowels
and screws

IMPORTANT! Depending on the surface, different dowels and screws may be required for
installing the wall bracket. Therefore, these dowels and screws are not part of the scope of
supply for the inverter. The system installer is responsible for selecting the proper dowels
and screws.


To install the inverter, the manufacturer recommends the use of steel or aluminium screws
with a diameter of 6 - 8 mm.

Fitting the wall

Installing the in-
verter on a mast

When installing the inverter on a mast or support, Fronius recommends the “Pole clamp”
mast fixing set from Rittal GmbH (order no. SZ 2584.000).
This set enables the inverter to be installed on round or rectangular masts with the follow-
ing diameters:

∅ between 40 and 190 mm,

NOTE! When fitting the wall bracket to the wall or a pillar, ensure that the wall
bracket does not become warped or deformed.

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