Fronius Symo 10-20 kW User Manual

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Inverter no.


Inverter type (DATCOM code)


Logging interval in seconds


Energy in watts per second, relative to the logging interval


Inductive reactive power


Capacitive reactive power


Average values during the logging interval (AC voltage, AC current, DC voltage,
DC current)


Additional information

Data volume and
storage capacity

A USB stick with a storage capacity of 1 GB can record logging data for roughly seven
years at a logging interval of five minutes.

CSV file
CSV files can only store 65,535 lines (data records) (up to Microsoft® Excel 2007; there is
no restriction from this version onwards).
At a five-minute logging interval, the 65,535 lines will be written within approximately seven
months (CSV data size of approx. 8 MB).
In order to avoid data loss, the CSV file should be backed up to a PC and deleted from the
USB stick within this seven-month period. If the logging interval is set to a longer period,
this time frame will be increased accordingly.

FLD file
The FLD file should not be larger than 16 MB. This will provide enough storage capacity
for approximately six years at a logging interval of five minutes.
If the file exceeds the 16 MB limit, it should be backed up to a PC and all of the data on the
USB stick should be deleted.

After backing up and removing the data, the USB stick can be reconnected immediately to
resume recording the logging data without any further steps being required.

Buffer memory

If the USB stick is unplugged (e.g. for data backup purposes), the logging data is written to
a buffer memory in the inverter.
As soon as the USB stick is plugged in again, the data is copied automatically from the buff-
er memory to the stick.

The buffer memory can store a maximum of six logging points. Data is only logged while
the inverter is running (output greater than 0 W). The logging interval is permanently set at
30 minutes. Data can be recorded on the buffer memory for a three-hour time period as a



NOTE! Using a full USB stick can lead to data loss or data being overwritten.
When using USB sticks, always ensure that there is sufficient storage capacity on
the stick.

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