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Choice of location

Proper use

The solar inverter is intended exclusively to convert direct current from solar modules into
alternating current and to feed this into the public grid.
Utilisation not in accordance with the intended purpose comprises:

utilisation for any other purpose or in any other manner


making any modifications to the inverter that have not been expressly approved by


the installation of parts that are not distributed or expressly approved by Fronius.

Fronius shall not be liable for any damage resulting from such action.
No warranty claims will be entertained.

Proper use includes:

carefully reading and obeying all the instructions and all the safety and danger notices
in the operating instructions


performing all stipulated inspection and maintenance work


installation as specified in the operating instructions

When designing the photovoltaic system, ensure that all of its components are operated
within their permitted operating ranges at all times.

Observe all the measures recommended by the solar module manufacturer to ensure the
lasting maintenance of the properties of the solar module.

Obey the regulations of the energy supply company regarding feeding energy into the grid.

General com-
ments regarding
choice of location

The following criteria should be taken into account when choosing a location for the invert-

Install only on a solid surface

Max. ambient temperatures:
-25°C / +60°C
Relative humidity:
0 - 100%
The airflow within the inverter is from the
right to the top (cold air taken in from the
right, hot air dissipated out of the top).

If the inverter is installed in a switch cabinet or a similar sealed area, then forced-air ven-
tilation must be provided to ensure adequate heat dissipation.
If the inverter is to be installed on the outer wall of a cattle shed, maintain a minimum all-
round clearance of 2 m between the inverter and all ventilation and other openings in the
The installation location must not be exposed to ammonia, corrosive vapours, salts or ac-

200 mm

100 mm

200 mm

-25 °C - +60 °C

0 - 100 %

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