Fronius Symo 10-20 kW User Manual

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Connecting alu-
minum cables

The DC-side terminals are designed for connecting single-wire, round aluminum cables.
The following points must be taken into account when connecting aluminum cables due to
the non-conducting oxide layer of aluminum:

Reduced rated currents for aluminum cables


The connection requirements listed below

Connection Requirements:

Carefully clean off the oxide layer of the stripped end of the cable, e.g., using a knife.

IMPORTANT Do not use brushes, files or sandpaper. Aluminum particles may get stuck
and can transfer to other cables.

After removing the oxide layer of the cable end, rub in a neutral grease, e.g., acid- and
alkali-free Vaseline.
Then immediately connect it to the terminal.

Repeat the steps above whenever the cable is disconnected and then reconnected.

Inverter DC con-

The difference between the individual solar module strings must not exceed 10 V.

NOTE! Take into account local specifications when configuring cable cross sec-




0 - 2000 m: U


1000 V

2001 - 2500 m: U


950 V

2501 - 3000 m: U


900 V

3001 - 3400 m: U


850 V

> 3400 m

+ / -

CAUTION! Risk of possible dam-
age to the inverter! Check the po-
larity and voltage of the solar
module strings before making the
connection. The voltage must not
exceed the following values:

when installed between 0 and
2000 m above sea level: 1000


when installed between 2001
and 2500 m above sea level:
950 V


when installed between 2501
and 3000 m above sea level:
900 V


when installed between 3001
and 3400 m above sea level:
850 V

NOTE! Only break out as many target break points as the number of cables that
are provided (e.g. if there are 2 DC cables, then break out 2 recesses).

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