Fronius Symo 10-20 kW User Manual

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Notes regarding DC connection

General com-
ments regarding
solar modules

To enable suitable solar modules to be chosen and to use the inverter as efficiently as pos-
sible, it is important to bear the following points in mind:

If insolation is constant and the temperature is falling, the open circuit voltage of the
solar modules will increase. The open circuit voltage must not exceed 1000 V. If the
open circuit voltage exceeds the specified values, the inverter will be destroyed and
no warranty claims will be entertained.


The temperature coefficients on the solar modules data sheet must be observed


More exact values for dimensioning the solar modules can be provided by suitable cal-
culation programs, like the Fronius Solar.configurator (which can be downloaded from

DC terminals

Max. cross-section of each DC cable:
16 mm²

Min. cross-section of each DC cable:
2.5 mm²

The DC cables can be connected to the DC
terminals without ferrules.

For double insulated DC connection leads
with a cable diameter greater than 6 mm²,
15 mm of the outer jacket must be removed
in order to connect the cable to the DC ter-

NOTE! Before you connect up the solar modules you should check that the volt-
age specified by the manufacturer corresponds to the actual measured voltage.

DC =

min. 2,5 mm² - max. 16 mm²
min. 1,5 Nm - max. 1,8 Nm


DC1+ DC2+









15 mm

15 mm

D > 6 mm²

NOTE! To ensure effective strain
relief of the solar module strings,
only use cables with identical

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