Loading tips, Removable utensil basket, Top rack – Maytag PDB1100AWE User Manual

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Loading Tips

Utensil Basket

Place flatware in the basket with

some handles up and some down to

prevent nesting. Always load

sharp or pointed items with han-

dles up.

Top Rack

(Features vary slightly by model.)

This rack is designed to hold glasses, cups, small plates,
bowls, cookware, etc. Bowls fit securely in the back right half
of the top rack. Small plates or saucers should be loaded with
soiled surfaces facing the center of the rack.

• Scrape off bones or large food particles. Remove excessive

quantities of greasy/oily substances.

• Scrape or soak items with burnt on foods as they require

more energy than the rest of the load to clean.

• If connected to a food waste disposer, make certain the

disposer is empty before starting the dishwasher. This
allows proper draining.

• Mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon and other acidic

foods can cause rust or discoloration on stainless steel.
Rinse these pieces as soon as possible.

• Starch from foods like potatoes, pasta, rice and oatmeal

require more energy to clean than the rest of the load.

• Place all items in the racks so they are separated and fac-

ing the center of the racks.

• Wedge flat, lightweight items next to the silverware bas-

ket or along the sides and back of the racks.

• Load items so they do not rest over the wash tower locat-

ed in the center of the lower rack.

• Avoid blocking the upper and lower spray arms by not

allowing items to extend beyond the racks.

• Place glasses in any row of the upper rack for proper

cleaning and rinsing. Do not load glasses over the tines.

Bottom Rack

(Features vary slightly by model.)

Large items may
be placed in any
convenient loca-
tion in this rack.
Keep soiled sur-
faces facing the
center of the rack.

The back of this
rack accommo-
dates a row of
dinner plates or
two rows of
smaller plates.
Serving bowls,
pots and pans also
fit across the back of the rack.

Small plates, saucers or shallow bowls may be loaded in the
elevated area behind the wash tower.

Folding tines (select models) located on the right side, pro-
vide loading flexibility for large-shaped items.

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