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Cycles at a Glance


Sani Heat (select models)

provides water temperature

checks throughout the cycle. The indicator light comes on
when the cycle is being delayed to heat water. Turning Sani
Heat off provides a shorter cycle with fewer water tempera-
ture checks. Use this option to aid in the removal of tough,
difficult food soils (such as starches and fats).


(select models)

checks the main wash and final

rinse water temperatures and will extend the heating and
water circulation until proper water temperature is reached.
Select AccuTemp

to ensure proper water temperature for

activating detergent and dissolving greasy food soils.

Heated Dry

turns the heating element on to improve drying

results. Selecting Heated Dry Off (select models) or Energy
Saver (select models)

turns the element off to save energy.

Towel drying may be needed with these selections.

Delay Hours (select models)

can be used to delay the start

of the cycle for up to 6 hours. The Delay Start indicator light
glows when the dishwasher is set for a delay start.

Care & Cleaning

Clean the control panel and front panels with a lightly
dampened cloth.

Dry thoroughly. To avoid causing damage,

do not use abrasives or sharp objects on the panel.

The inside normally takes care of itself.

Occasionally check

the tub bottom for large food pieces which may have collect-
ed. Periodically clean the edge of the door liner and gasket
if any food spills are noticed.

To remove any odor, try one of the following:

• Put baking soda in both cups. Select Normal Wash and

allow the water to circulate for about 10 minutes. Unlatch
the door and let it sit overnight. Then relatch the door and
let the cycle finish.

• Try a lemon scented detergent and/or rinse aid to help

periodically freshen the dishwasher interior.

• Run the dishwasher more frequently. Use the Rinse Only

cycle to remove any food soil that may cause an odor.
Run a full cycle as soon as possible.

Your dishwasher offers various cycles and options to adjust
to specific load conditions. Please refer to the chart below.




Heavy Wash

for heavily soiled dish-
es and pots & pans

Normal Wash

for normally
soiled dishes

Light Wash

(select models)

for lightly
soiled dishes

Rinse Only

for rinsing dishes
waiting for a full load

3 Prerinses,
Main Wash,
2 Rinses, Dry

2 Prerinses,
Main Wash,
2 Rinses, Dry

2 Prerinses, Wash,
2 Rinses, Dry


10.5 gallons

9.0 gallons

7.5 gallons

1.5 gallons

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