Connection – System Fidelity DVD-R150 User Manual

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To avoid damaging the speakers with a sudden high-level signal, be sure to switch the power off before connecting the speakers.

Check the impedance of your speakers.
Connect speaker with an impedance of 8 ohms or more. The amplifier’s red speaker terminals are the + (positive) terminals
and the black terminals are the – (negative) terminals.

The + side of the speaker cable is marked to make it distinguishable from the – side of the cable. Connect this marked side
to the red + terminals and the unmarked side is the black terminal.

Prepare the speaker cords for connection by stripping off approximately 10 mm or less (no more as this could cause a
short-circuit) of the outer insulation. Twist the wires tightly together so that they are not straggly.




1. Unscrew the knob
2. Insert the speaker cable.
3. Tighten the knob and secure the cable.

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Note: The front left speaker and front right speaker connections are made via loudspeaker cable, while the active subwoofer is
connected via a standard RCA phono cable.