Precautions concerning batteries, Battery installation, Remote controller – System Fidelity DVD-R150 User Manual

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By using the provided remote control unit, the receiver can be
controlled from your listening position. To use the remote
control unit, point it at the REMOTE SENSOR window of the
- Even if the remote control unit is operated within the
effective range, remote control operation may be impossible if
there are any obstacles between the unit and the remote
- If the remote control unit is operated near other appliance
which generate infrared rays, or if other remote control
devices using infrared rays are used near the unit, it may
operate incorrectly.
- The power is turned on/off (standby) by pressing the

POWER button on the remote control unit in standby mode.

Precautions concerning batteries
-Be sure to insert the batteries with correct positive+ and
negative – polarities.
- Use batteries of the same type. Never use different types of
batteries together.
- Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries can be used.
Refer to the precautions on their labels.
- When the remote control unit is not to be used for a long
time (more than a month), remove the batteries from the
remote control unit to prevent them from leaking. If they leak,
wipe away the liquid inside the battery compartment and
replace the batteries with new ones.
- Do not heat or disassemble batteries and never dispose of
old batteries by throwing them in a fire.


Use the remote control unit within a range of about 7

meters (23 feet) and the angles of up to 30 degrees aiming

at the remote sensor.


1. Remove the battery compartment cover.
2. Insert two “AAA” dry batteries.

Make sure that the batteries are inserted with their

positive “+” and negative “-” poles positioned correctly.

3. Close the cover until it clicks.

If the distance required between the remote control unit
and main unit decreases, the batteries are exhausted. In
this case, replace the batteries with new one