Region number, Region, No picture – System Fidelity DVD-R150 User Manual

Page 20: Picture breakdown, Does not play, No surround sound, No 4:3 (16:9) picture, Region management information, Troubleshooting guide

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DVD/VCD/CD player is designed and manufactured to respond to the Region Management Information that is recorded on a
DVD disc. If the region number that described on the DVD disc does not correspond to the region number of this player, then the
player cannot play the disc.

The player is set to work only in a particular world region as label on the player.

Region number



Canada, USA, U.S Territories


Europe (including Poland, Romania, The Czech Republic), Japan,
Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, South Africa


Southeast Asia, East Asia (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea)


Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America


Former Soviet Union, India, Africa, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, North Korea

6 China


If you have a problem with DVD player, check this list for a possible solution before calling for service. Some simple or minor
problem can be solved by yourself. If the unit works abnormally continuously or the unit has been physically damaged, turn off the
power and disconnect the AC power plug, consult qualified person such as dealer for service.

Symptom Remedy

No sound or
Distorted sound

Confirm the power cord plug is well connected.

Make sure the setting of TV or other AV equipment is proper.

Make sure the TV or the amplifier is under normal operation.

As you use the headphones, make sure the headphone is well connected with the
jack and the volume switch (phone level) is turned to proper level

No sound is heard during still picture (pause) or slow motion play.

No picture

Make sure the equipment is well connected.

Make sure the input setting for the TV is “Video”

Make sure TV is under normal operation.

Make sure the color system is set at the proper mode (NTSC/PAL)

Picture breakdown

Make sure there is no significant damage on the disc

The disc may be dirty, clean it and re-start again

Does not play

Make sure the disc is well installed with the label facing at the top.

The disc may be dirty and require cleaning

The player will be affected by moist disc or by condensation, keep the disc dry and
wait about 1 or 2 hours to allow the player to dry out.

No operation can be performed
with the remote control

Check the batteries are installed with the correct polarities (+ &-)

Make sure the batteries are in good condition and not depleted. If yes, replace the
new ones.

Make sure the remote is pointing at the sensor

Remove the obstacles between the player and the remote

No surround sound

Choose the correct setup of the speaker setting which matches with your stereo

Check speaker connections

Check the sources materials—if mono, sound may only come out of the center

If 2-channel DVD model, you will require a Pro Logic decoder or Dolby Digital
decoder to reproduce the surround output.

No 4:3 (16:9) picture

Choose the correct setup “TV SCREEN” item that matches with your TV type.

Remark: Abnormal functioning of this unit may be caused by static electricity or other external interference. To restore normal
operation, unplug the AC cord and then plug it in again or switch off and on the player again.