Sharp PN-H801 User Manual

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• When installing, removing or moving the monitor, ensure that this is carried out by at least 3 people.
• Be sure to use a wall-mount bracket designed or designated for mounting the monitor.
• This monitor is designed to be installed on a concrete wall or pillar. Reinforced work might be necessary for some materials

such as plaster / thin plastic board / wood before starting installation.

• This monitor and bracket must be installed on a wall which can endure at least 4 times or more the weight of the monitor.

Install by the most suitable method for the material and the structure.

• To attach a VESA-compliant mounting bracket, use M6 screws that are 5/16 inch (8 mm) to 3/8 inch (10 mm) longer than the

thickness of the mounting bracket.

Screws (M6)
Mounting bracket

Monitor mounting

5/16 - 3/8 inch (8-10 mm)

• Do not use an impact driver.
• When moving the monitor, be sure to hold it with the handles, the unit bottom and sides. Do not grasp the screen and corners.

This may cause product damage, failure, or injury.

• If you need to move the monitor after it has been in use, it may be hot. Turn off the power and make sure it has cooled

sufficiently before moving.

• After mounting, please carefully ensure the monitor is secure, and not able to come loose from the wall or mount.
• Do not use any screw holes other than VESA holes for installation.

Mounting Precautions

(For SHARP dealers and service engineers)