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For details pertaining to the operation of MT120S controls, please refer to page 5, “MT120S CONTROLS AND THEIR

Recording with the MT120S is a very simpie process. Aii you need is the MT120S, a pair of monitor headphones, and an

instrument, microphone, or other signal source.

The multitrack recording process can be basically broken down into the following steps:

1. Record the First Track.

a) Select channel-to-track assignment for input source.
b) Set Record Level.
c) Record.

2. Overdub on the Remaining Tracks.

a) Select channel-to-track assignment for each overdub.

b) Set records level for each overdub.
c) Record the overdub.

3. Track Combining.


a) If necessary, use "ping pong” technique to combine tracks and clear them for additional overdubs.

4. Mixdown.

a) Set up for monitoring the mix.

b) Set up a rough mix and add effects.

c) Finalize and rehearse the mix.
d) Connect the MT120S STEREO OUT jacks to a stereo cassette recorder.
e) Record (from the MT120S to the stereo cassette recorder).

These steps (and what the recording terms mean) will be described in detail below, so its a good idea to read through the
following sections in sequence in order to get a clear picture of the overall recording process.


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