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Punch-in/out recording makes it possibie to re-record a short segment of an otherwise perfect track in order to correct a

mistake or “brush up” an important passage. You “punch-in” at the point where you begin recording the new segment, and

“punch-out” at the end of the new segment so that the previousiy-recorded materiai is not erased.

In addition to the normal functions of punching in and out, the unit also provides a rehearsal mode. This allows you to go through the whole

process of punching in and out without any actual recording taking place, so you can practice the operation without endangering your
precious recording.

Rehearsal Mode

Footswitch Punch-in/out

1. To enter

rehearsal mode, you

must have at least one of


REC SELECT switches set to a position otherthan OFF. Once
rehearsal mode has been entered, the REC SELECT switches

can be returned to OFF if necessary.


Press the REC/PAUSE and STOP button together. The red
REC/PAUSE indicator will turn yellow.

3. Performing any punch-in/out operations will not actually per­

form the recording, allowing you to practice the operations.

4. To return to normal recording mode, press the REC/PAUSE

and STOP buttons together, and the REC/PAUSE indicator

will change back to red.

Punch-in/out Using the REC SELECT


1. Ensure all the REC SELECT switches are set to OFF, and the

MONITOR SELECT switch is set to MONITOR so you can

hear all the tracks.

2. Cue the tape to a few measures before the section to be re­

recorded begins. It’s a good idea to reset the counter, and turn

^ the ZERO STOP on, so you can come back to this point.

3. Start the recorder running in the record-ready mode by

pressing REC/PAUSE then PLAY. The REC/PAUSE indica­

tor will flash, indicating that the transport is in record-ready


4. At a convenient break in the track, perform the punch-in, by

switching the REC SELECT switch for that track to the
appropriate record position. The REC/PAUSE indicator will
stop flashing, and light continuously. Any material now played

will be recorded (unless you’re in rehearsal mode).

5. At the end of the re-recorded segment, punch-out by moving

the REC SELECT switch(s) back to OFF. The tape will

continue playing, and the REC/PAUSE indicator will begin to


Don’t forget, all of the following steps can be performed in
rehearsal mode (yellow REC/PAUSE indicator).

1. Plug a YAMAHA FC4 or FC5 (optional) footswitch into the

MT120S PUNCH I/O jack.

2. Set the REC SELECT switch for the track to be punched in, to

the appropriate record positiori. The REC/PAUSE indicator

will start to flash slowly.

3. Press the REC/PAUSE button to activate the rec/pause

mode. The REC/PAUSE indicator will start to flash faster.

4. To start the tape playing (not recording, yet), press the

footswitch (or press PLAY).

5. When you reach the punch-in point, press the footswitch

again. The indicator now lights continuously, and any material

now played will be recorded (unless you’re in rehearsal

6. When you reach the point where you want to punch-out, press

the footswitch again. The indicator will go back to fast-
blinking. Steps 5 and 6 can be repeated several times, if


7. When the tape reaches the end of the section requiring punch-

ins, press the STOP button.





All tracks monitored in PLAY­

BACK mode (the deck is in the
REC mode, but the track REC

SELECT switches are set to

Begin playback


The record mode is engaged
for track 3 only when the track
3 REC SELECT switch is set
to an ON position.

It's a good idea to actually start playing a little

before the punch-in point.