Maintenance – Yamaha MT120S User Manual

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Maintenance on your MT120S basically involves keeping the tape heads in the best possible condition. This involves two considerations

— keeping them clean, and keeping them demagnetized.
As the magnetic tape passes over the tape heads, a very small amount of magnetism stays on the heads (rather like passing a magnet

over a needle). Over time, this builds up to a point where the heads become magnetized, and as the tape passes over the heads, the

tape itself (with your precious recordings) will start to be wiped.
To avoid this, we recommend that you use a commercially available head demagnetizer on the tape heads, after every 10 hours of playing/

recording time. This may seem extreme, but we assure you, the results are worth it.

The recording & playback head has been precision-constructed to extremely fine tolerances in order to make high-quality 4-track

recording possible. Optimum performance can only be achieved if the head surface is kept immaculately clean. Cleaning should be carried

out at regular intervals — at least after every 10 hours of use.

Dirty heads can cause any of, or a combination of, the following problems:

• Recording, playback and erasure are not possible.
• Reduced playback sound level.
• Fluctuating and or/distorted sound.
• Excessive noise.

• A drop in level at the high frequencies.

If any of the above problems occur, clean the heads careful


assuming the fault is with the recorder. Use a

commercially available head-cleaning kit (read the instructions provided with the kit), or wipe carefully with a cloth or cotton
swab that has been dampened with isopropyl alcohol. Also clean the pinch roller at the same time as the heads.



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