Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

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In response to the rising demand for 1950s-style Les Pauls, the carved-top models were rein-
troduced in 1968. A new model, the Les Paul Deluxe, featuring mini-humbucking pickups
appeared in 1969. The Special was revived in the 1970s and the Jr. reappeared in the 1980s.
The Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird were also brought back into regular production, as musi-
cal styles began to catch up with these ahead-of-their-time designs.

While the original four Les Paul models continued as the foundation of the line, Gibson offered
new variations, such as the Studio, Classic, and Double-Cut Standard, in order to give musi-
cians all the features they wanted in a Les Paul guitar. In the 50-plus years of the Les Paul,
Gibson has offered more than 100 different variations. In 2003 Gibson honored Les Paul for
his achievements as a performer, recording innovator, and guitar designer by presenting him
with a special Artist for Eternity Award.

As Gibson celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Les Paul in 2002, the company rocked the
guitar world once again by introducing the first digital electric guitar. It represents the biggest
advance in electric guitar design since the instrument was invented, and moreover, it serves
notice that Gibson electric guitars will continue to epitomize the highest levels of Quality,
Prestige and Innovation.