Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

Page 22

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Heat and cold:

Gibson’s nitrocellulose finish can expand or contract to adjust to extreme tem-

peratures and humidities—but not to sudden changes in temperature or humidity. Just as a
hot drink will crack a chilled glass, the finish of a Les Paul will crack if a guitar that has been
sitting in the trunk of a car in wintertime is suddenly exposed to the warm air of a heated room.
In these conditions, let the guitar warm up gradually inside the case before opening the case.


Water wipes off the instrument’s finish easily, but if allowed to remain, it can cause ugly

water spots in the lacquer.


Avoid direct rays of the sun on your Gibson. Direct sunlight can blister or discolor the finish.

More Things to Avoid.

When using a shoulder strap for a standing playing position, check that all

contact points and strap fasteners are secure.

Guitar stands with rubber supports that contain dye or plasticizers can “eat away” at the lac-
quer finish or leave a stain on your guitar that goes through the lacquer finish and into the
wood. These stains are permanent and this sort of damage is not covered under your warran-
ty. We recommend covering the rubber parts of the stand with a soft cotton cloth (such as a
guitar polishing cloth) and using a guitar stand only for temporary “storage” of your instrument.