Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

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A Gibson instrument always attracts attention, whether it is on a concert stage before

thousands or on a guitar stand in a home studio. After the classic body lines of a Gibson, the
finish makes the strongest impression.

Perspiration acids, heavy fingerprinting, dust, and grime from on-the-job usage are unavoid-
able. However, a minute or two spent with Gibson’s instrument care products—guitar polish,
fretboard conditioners, string cleaner/lubricant, and polishing cloth—will restore a finish to
like-new condition.

Gibson’s nitrocellulose lacquer finish not only looks great, it is also easily repairable—by a
professional. Minor scratches and dings can be fixed without completely refinishing the

Keeping Your Guitar on the Road.

Your Gibson is a durable instrument. It is likely to outlive you—

if you take care of it. In determining whether conditions might be harmful to your guitar, the
rule of thumb is, if you are comfortable, then your guitar will be comfortable. Here are some
conditions to avoid.