Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

Page 24

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When changing strings, we recommend changing one string at a time in order to maintain ten-
sion on the neck and bridge. The pressure of the strings holds the bridge and saddles in place,
and removing all the strings could necessitate a new setup.

Use high quality strings.

The most obvious action you can take to maximize the life and per-

formance of your strings is to use high quality strings. Your Gibson comes from the factory with
a set of strings made by Gibson and designed exclusively for Gibsons. Although the string set
from the Gibson factory is suitable for virtually any style of music, Gibson offers a variety of
string styles and gauges for specialized purposes.

Install your strings correctly.

Improperly installed strings can slip, which will cause your Gibson

to constantly go out of tune. To correctly install strings:


Be certain the first winding of the string around the machine head stem (tuner
post) goes over the exposed tip of the new string. The rest of the winding should
then go under the exposed tip of the new string. When pressure is applied by
tightening the string to pitch, a clamping action keeps the string from slipping
around the machine head stem.