Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

Page 54

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The system has an Emergency Charge Mode (ECM) if its rechargeable battery pack goes
completely ‘dead’ or too low in charge to run the normal Charge Function. Pull out MCK
and turn it to roughly the middle position. It’s OK if the lights don’t come on, ECM will fix
that. Put all the other controls in roughly the middle position, and use a short patch cord
(1 foot or less) to lower resistance. Plug your patch cable into the charger, into the guitar,
and connect your power supply to the charger and power it up. The charger will soon blink
red (seeking a guitar). The charger will recognize the problem and after 30 seconds will
blink yellow. It will soon provide enough charge to activate and switch to normal charging
mode automatically. The length of time it takes to re-activate the normal charging mode
can be from a few seconds to a minute or more.


If the MCK is left in the ‘on’ position for more than 120 seconds, the system enters
Switch Off Mode, indicated by a flashing green light. After 30 minutes the system turns
into Standby Mode, indicated by a very slow flashing yellow light. You can re-activate
the system in either status by turning the MCK.