Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

Page 36

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Display LEDs



Custom Altered

Pull MCK out and
turn to Peg LED

To create your own
”Custom Altered
Tuning,” disengage
each Robot Tuner



the string required and
tune it manually to the
pitch you want. Then
press the display once,
and the Peg LED will
shine green and the
string LEDs will shine
red. Now strum all
strings one by one (do
not strum too hard!)
and when their frequen-
cies have been meas-
ured and stored their
corresponding LEDs will
shine green.

When all strings of your Custom Altered
Tuning have been registered, the string LEDs
will flash blue 3 times. You may now store
your Custom Altered Tuning to one of the
factory preset positions. Select E, A, D, G, B,
or e, and press the display once. The display
LEDs will flash blue 3 times to indicate your
new Custom Reference Tuning has been
stored at that position, and can be recalled
in the same manner as any other preset.

(Remember that when you store your Custom
Altered Tuning, you will override the preset
position you have chosen.)



MCK Position

Peg LED shines red