Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

Page 42

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Display LEDs




Pull MCK out and
turn to C LED

C LED shines red

Access Calibration
Mode by pressing the
display for 3 seconds.
The C LED will shine
blue. Now turn the MCK
to select your funda-
mental frequency from
the following list.
(Note: while selecting
your fundamental,
pressing the display
will toggle the red #
LED on and off, and
the other displayed
LEDs will remain blue.)

435Hz = C and E LED blue
436Hz = C and E LED blue, # LED red
437Hz = C and A LED blue
438Hz = C and A LED blue, # LED red
439Hz = C and D LED blue
440Hz = C and D LED blue, # LED red
441Hz = C and G LED blue
442Hz = C and G LED blue, # LED red
443Hz = C and B LED blue
444Hz = C and B LED blue, # LED red
445Hz = C and e LED blue
446Hz = C and e LED blue, # LED red


MCK Position