Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

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Neck Specifications.

Gibson designs its guitar necks to complement and enhance the unique

characteristics of each model. Neck profiles can be “rounded ’50s” or “slim ’60s” (or a slight
V-shape available only on the BluesHawk). Scale length (string length) is 24 3/4" on the Les
Paul, X-Factor and SG models, 25 1/2" on the Chet Atkins, Americana, and Hawk models and
34" on basses.


Humbucking (double-coil):

Most Les Pauls have double-coil humbucking

pickups, which were designed to do what their name says: “buck” the hum caused by fluores-
cent lights, rheostats, and other electrical interference. They accomplish this with two coils of
wire, wound in opposite directions so that they cancel out interference. Also, they produce a
powerful sound that is the foundation of rock 'n' roll music.

Gibson produces humbuckers in a variety of subtle variations, achieved by the use
of different magnets and different combinations of winding turns. In addition, some Les Pauls
have humbuckers without the metal cover pieces, which results in a hotter signal. For individ-
ual model and pickup specs, please refer to Gibson’s website,

P-90 (single-coil):

Only a few Gibsons—some Les Paul Juniors, Les Paul Specials, and Melody

Makers—have single-coil P-90 pickups. Some have the original “dog-eared” covers; those