Gibson Guitars 1550-07 GUS User Manual

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Be certain the string is wrapped around the tuner post an adequate
number of times. For unwound strings, at least five turns around the machine head
stem are necessary. For wound strings, two or three turns are adequate.

What gauge strings should be used?

Your Gibson guitar comes strung with “10s”—which

means the high-E string is .010 inches in diameter. The low-E is .046 inches in diameter. The
set is designed so that all strings are in proportion to one another, ensuring that the action and
the volume will be consistent across the entire fingerboard. Gibson offers “9s,” “11s,” and
a variety of other gauges and compositions, all of which are balanced for consistent tension.

What brand of strings should be used?

Gibson has been offering its own strings since 1907,

and Gibson has more experience than any other string maker when it comes to matching
strings to Gibson guitars. Gibson strings are manufactured to exacting standards to achieve the
highest level of quality and performance.