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Page 12: Power leader™ ethernet gateway, 3–1 configuration procedure

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POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway

Chapter 3 – Configuration


Chapter 3 – Configuration

The Ethernet Gateway needs to be properly

configured to communicate with your RS485

networks. Two items are critical to proper

performance of your Gateway: the Gateway’s

Ethernet address and the RS485 port

communication settings. The Gateway’s Ethernet

address should be set so that the host software will

know how to address messages to the Gateway. You

must configure the Ethernet Gateway with the

appropriate baud rate and communications settings

for each RS485 port to match attached RS485

network. After initial setup, you should only need to

make changes to the Gateway’s settings after adding

devices or making system changes.
Follow the instructions in Section 3-1 to perform the

initial configuration. After the network is

operational, you may make configuration changes

through the dumb terminal. These procedures are

described in the following sections.
In all cases, be sure to save any configuration

changes to the Gateway’s hard drive (option 12) for

safe retrieval in the event of a power loss.

3–1 Configuration Procedure

Configuration of the Gateway requires a dumb

terminal with RS232 port set to 19.2 Kbps, 8 data

bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit. The easiest way to do

this is to use a portable computer with an RS232

port, and run the Terminal accessory program from

Use a null modem cable to attach the laptop to the

RS232 port of the Gateway, power up the laptop

and launch the Terminal program (located in the

Accessories program group in the Windows

program manager). Click on the Settings menu,

then choose Communications. Set your

communications options to look like figure 12.
When you have set your communications options,

close the options window and power up the Gateway

(the ON switch is located on the front panel).
When the Gateway finishes powering up, the

following message is transmitted to the terminal:

Figure 12. Terminal communications settings.

You are now ready to configure the Gateway, as

outlined below:

1. Type


(must be typed in capital letters)

then press


to bring up the

configuration menu. If you make an error

typing in this string, wait ten seconds and try


2. The terminal displays the configuration


Figure 13. Ethernet Gateway configuration menu.