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POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway

Chapter 1 – Introduction


Chapter 1 – Introduction
1–1 Overview

The GE POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway

(catalog number PLENETG01), shown in Figure 1,

is a microprocessor-based device that connects one

to four RS485-based Modbus Remote Terminal Unit

(RTU) networks to an industry-standard, high-

speed Ethernet network. Up to 31 Modbus RTU

devices can be connected to each of the Modbus

RTU networks.

Figure 1. POWER LEADER Ethernet Gateway.

The Ethernet Gateway works with GE’s Power

Management Control System (PMCS), a

comprehensive power management software

platform that acts as the ‘host’ to RS485 networks

attached to the Ethernet Gateway. A special part of

the PMCS called the Dynamic Data Exchange

(DDE) server is a database that records the

addresses and configurations of all attached

devices. The Ethernet Gateway serves as a pass-

through device, interpreting the addressing

information and routing queries from the host to

the Modbus RTU networks and passing answers to

those queries from the attached devices back to the

The Ethernet Gateway strictly conforms to the

Modbus RTU protocol, providing the capability to

tie the supported Modbus RTU devices into an

Ethernet network. Table 1 contains a partial list of

devices that are compatible with the Ethernet

Gateway and conform to the Modbus RTU




EPM 3710

Full-function, three-phase electronic

meter with optional pulse initiation,

waveform capture, data logging, and

protective relay outputs.

EPM 3720

Full-function, three-phase electronic

meter with optional pulse initiation,

waveform capture, data logging,

protective relay outputs, and harmonic

distortion measurements.

Multilin 269 Plus

Motor Management


Protection for medium-voltage

industrial motors and associated

mechanical systems.

Multilin 565 Feeder

Management Relay

Complete time-overcurrent phase and

ground protection by monitoring feeder

phase current and ground current.

Fanuc 90/30 PLC

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

for applications from simple relay

replacement to midrange process


Fanuc 90/70 PLC

Programmable logic controller with

multiple processors and programming

capabilities for large, high-speed




Maps addresses of up to 32 attached

POWER LEADER communications

network (commnet) devices to

equivalent Modbus addresses for use

with the Ethernet Gateway.

Table 1. Examples of Modbus RTU compatible devices.

NOTE: PMCS is certified for use with power

management components manufactured 5/13/96

or later. If your system interfaces to: 1) any trip

units, meters, or relays manufactured prior to

5/13/96, or 2) any Spectra RMS™ Circuit Breakers

with MicroVersaTrip PM™ Trip Units, please

contact the POWER LEADER Customer Support

Center at 1-800-843-3742.

As mentioned in Table 1, the Modbus Concentrator

allows integration of POWER LEADER commnet

devices with Modbus RTU-compatible networks for

use with the Ethernet Gateway. See Section 3–5 for

more details on the integration of commnet devices

into Modbus networks.
Figure 2 illustrates a typical Modbus RTU network

connected to a high-speed Ethernet through an

Ethernet Gateway.