Ch 6 - troubleshooting, Chapter 6 – troubleshooting guide, Power leader™ ethernet gateway – GE GEH6505A User Manual

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POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway

Chapter 6 – Troubleshooting Guide


Chapter 6 – Troubleshooting Guide

The following guide is provided for troubleshooting

and isolating common problems. It does not cover

every possible condition. Contact the ED&C

Customer Support Center at 800-843-3742 if the

problem is not resolved by these procedures.


Possible Cause

Corrective Action

1. No response at either

host PC or dumb

terminal from the

Ethernet Gateway.

Lack of power.

Ethernet Gateway internal

Check that control power cable is working and

correctly connected.
Remove and reapply power to the Ethernet
Gateway to see if the failure clears itself
(possibly caused by external noise). Contact
Customer Support if the problem persists.
Voltages hazardous to personnel and equipment may

be present at the power connection.

2. No response at host

PC from the Ethernet

Gateway, but terminal

connection is OK.

Faulty Ethernet wiring

between Ethernet Gateway

and host PC

Ethernet driver may be


Check that the Ethernet connector is properly

wired and firmly seated. Test wiring for

continuity and polarity to host PC.

Check with your system administrator as to

which Ethernet driver is being used (DIX or

IEEE). Make sure Gateway is set accordingly

(Section 3-5).

3. Ethernet connections

OK, but no response

from RS485


Faulty RS485 wiring between

Ethernet Gateway and

RS485 networks.
Lack of control power at
RS485 device(s).

Check that the RS485 connector is properly

wired and firmly seated. Test wiring for

continuity and polarity on RS485 wiring.
Check that control power present and correctly
connected at device(s).

4. Some devices on

RS485 networks not

recognized at host.

Addressing problems or too

many devices on segment

Refer to Section 5-1 to diagnose the precise

problem and correct accordingly.