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POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway

Chapter 4 – Operation


Chapter 4 – Operation

The Ethernet Gateway, once properly configured,

requires no user intervention for operation.
During normal operation, the Ethernet Gateway

passes messages to and from the attached Modbus

devices and translates these messages between the

Ethernet and Modbus RTU protocols.
Should power to the Ethernet Gateway be inter-

rupted, communications between the host and the

RS485 networks will resume automatically and

immediately when power is restored.
Likewise, if the Ethernet connection or any of the

RS485 connections are broken, communications

will be immediately resumed when the connections

are restored.
Any errors encountered by the Ethernet Gateway

will result in a message being sent back to the host,

where it will be interpreted and displayed for correc-

tive action by the operator.
All processing error messages are sent to the RS232

port. Processing error messages are listed in Section

5-1 of this manual.