6 gateway diagnostics, Chapter 3 – configuration, Power leader™ ethernet gateway – GE GEH6505A User Manual

Page 15: 3–6 gateway diagnostics

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POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway

Chapter 3 – Configuration


3–6 Gateway Diagnostics

Selecting menu item 11 exits the Gateway software

and runs the Gateway diagnostics program. The

Gateway Diagnostics menu shown in Figure 14 is

displayed on the terminal.

Figure 14. Gateway Diagnostics menu.

Display Socket, IP Address and Subnet


Select menu item 1 to display the IP address and

subnet mask for the Gateway.

RS485 Loop-back Test

Select menu item 2 to perform a loop-back test on

an RS485 port. The loop-back test is useful for

identifying the RS485 ports and for testing

communications on an RS485 port. To complete

this test, you will need a short RS485 cable, available

at an electronics retailer.
The RS485 port being tested is connected to

another RS485 port and a test message is

transmitted from the port being tested. The

following prompt appears:

Enter the port to be tested: 1, 2, 3, or 4. The

following message displays:

(where X is the port being tested).
If the loop-back is successful, the following message

will be displayed:

(where Y is the loop-back port).
If the loop-back is unsuccessful, the following

message displays:

Default settings on the RS485 ports for the loop-

back tests are 115.2 Kbps, 8-N-1.

Ethernet Test

Select menu item 3 to test the Gateway’s internal

Ethernet connections. This performs a self-test of

the Gateway’s Ethernet card to ensure that it is

functioning correctly. The following message


If the test passes, the following message displays:

If the test fails, the following message displays:

In either case, pressing


returns you to the

diagnostics menu.

Exit Diagnostics Program

Select menu item 4 to exit the Gateway diagnostic

software and reload the Gateway software.