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POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway

Chapter 2 – Installation


Chapter 2 – Installation
2–1 Mounting

The Ethernet Gateway may be mounted on a

horizontal surface or on a wall, preferably inside an

enclosure or switchgear lineup. The Gateway should

be mounted so that it is spaced from enclosure walls

or from other components in the enclosure. A

minimum of two inches clearance should be

allowed along the long sides of the Gateway, and at

least six inches clearance on the ends to allow for

ventilation and cable access. To wall mount the

Ethernet Gateway, attach the brackets to the chassis

using six of the provided screws through the six

holes on the inner edges of the mounting brackets.

Then use the remaining four screws to secure the

chassis to the wall through the holes in the outer

edges of the brackets. Be sure that the chassis is

mounted securely. The hole pattern for the

mounting flanges of the Ethernet Gateway is shown

in Figure 6.

8 - R5

4 - R2.5

12 i n.

1 in.











305. 0 mm

23. 0 mm

Figure 6. Mounting hole pattern for Ethernet Gateway.

2–2 Control Power Connections

Connect the control power cable included with the

Ethernet Gateway to the standard PC-style power

outlet on the rear of the enclosure, as shown in

Figure 7. See Section 1–4 for appropriate control

power voltage ranges.
The ON switch for the Ethernet Gateway is located

on the front panel. Make sure the Gateway is

mounted in a location where the power switch is

not likely to be accidentally hit or switched off.

Figure 7. Connecting control power to the Ethernet Gateway.

2–3 Ethernet Connection

10BaseT and 10Base2 connections are provided on

the back of the Ethernet Gateway to connect the

Gateway to the Ethernet network, as shown in

Figure 8. The Gateway is equipped with a PCL-843

16-bit Ethernet card.

Figure 8. Making the Ethernet connection to the Gateway.