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NOTE: Air considerations are important for proper and efficient operation.

Dryers may be positioned sidewall to sidewall. However, a 1/16” (1.59 mm) minimum allowance must be made
for opening and closing of the control door. It is suggested that the dryer be positioned about 2 feet (0.61 meters)
away from the nearest obstruction for ease of installation, maintenance, and service (to be measured from the
back guard). Refer to the illustration on the previous page for details.


The dryer must be installed with provisions for adequate combustion and make-up air supply. As a general rule,
an unrestricted air entrance from the outdoors (atmosphere) of 1 square foot (0.09 square meters) is required for
each dryer (based on 1 square inch per 1,000 Btu [251.9958 kcal]). If registers or louvers are installed over the
openings, then the area must be increased. It is not necessary to have separate make-up air openings for each
dryer. Common make-up air openings are acceptable. However, they must be set up in such a manner that the
make-up air is distributed equally to the dryers.

EXAMPLE: For a bank of four (4) dryers, two (2) unrestricted openings measuring 12-inches by 18-inches

(30.48 cm by 45.72 cm) are acceptable. (Based on 1 inch


[6.4516 cm


] per 1,000 Btu [251.9958


A = 12-inches (30.48 cm)

B = 18-inches (45.72 cm)

IMPORTANT: Make-up air openings should not be located in an area directly near where exhaust

vents exit the building.

Allowances must be made for remote or constricting passageways or where dryers are located at excessive
altitudes or predominantly low pressure areas.

IMPORTANT: Make-up air must be provided from a source free of contaminating fumes such as dry

cleaning solvent fumes. Make-up air that is contaminated by dry cleaning solvent
fumes will result in irreparable damage to the motors and other dryer components.

NOTE: Component failure due to dry cleaning solvent fumes will VOID THE WARRANTY.

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