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ALL dryers are thoroughly tested and inspected before leaving the factory. However, a preoperational test
should be performed before the dryer is publicly used. It is possible that adjustments have changed in transit or
due to marginal location (installation) conditions.

1. Turn on electric power to the dryer.

2. Refer to the Operating Instructions for starting your particular model dryer.


a. When a gas dryer is first started (during initial start-up), it has a tendency not to ignite on the first ignition

attempt. This is because the gas supply piping is filled with air, so it may take a few minutes for the air
to be purged from the lines.

NOTE: During the purging period, check to be sure that ALL gas shutoff valves are open.

NOTE: Gas model dryers are equipped with an ignition system, which has internal diagnostics. If

ignition is not established after one (1) time, the heat circuit in the ignition module will attempt
two (2) more ignitions (total of three [3] ignition attempts). If there is no flame after the third
ignition attempt the module will lock out until it is manually reset. To reset the ignition system,
open and close the main door and restart the dryer.

b. A gas pressure test should be taken at the gas valve pressure tap of each dryer to ensure that the

water column (W.C.) pressure is correct and consistent.

NOTE: Water column pressure requirements (measured at the pressure tap of the gas valve body):

Natural Gas ................................ 3.5 Inches (8.7 mb) Water Column.
Liquid Propane (L.P.) Gas .......... 10.5 Inches (26.1 mb) Water Column.

IMPORTANT: There is no regulator provided in an L.P. dryer. The water column pressure must be

regulated at the source (L.P. tank), or an external regulator must be added to each

4. Make a complete operational check of ALL safety related circuits:

a. Door Switch(es)

b. Hi-Limit Thermostats

c. Cycling Thermostat

d. Sail Switch

NOTE: The sail switch can be checked for proper operation by opening the lint door/drawer. While

pushing the lint door/drawer switch in, start a drying cycle. The heating unit should not
activate (wait 30-seconds). If heat does activate, make the necessary adjustments to the sail

5. Make a complete operational check of ALL operating controls.

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