J. preoperational instructions, Dual timer dryers – Maytag MDG30MNV User Manual

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NOTE: If computer program changes are required, refer to the computer programming section of the

manual supplied with the dryer.

6. The dryer should be operated through one (1) complete cycle to ensure that no further adjustments are

necessary and that ALL components are functioning properly.


The basket (tumbler) is treated with a protective coating. We suggest dampening old garments or cloth material
with a solution of water and nonflammable mild detergent and tumbling them in the basket (tumbler) to remove
this coating.


Microprocessor Controller (Computer) Models

1. The light emitting diode (L.E.D.) display reads “READY” (no cycle in progress).

2. Press the letter on the keyboard (touch pad) corresponding to the cycle desired (i.e., key “D”).

3. The dryer will then start. (I.E., blower, basket [tumbler], and heat).

4. The L.E.D. display will read MANUAL DRYING CYCLE D, 00:00 MIN REMAIN.

NOTE: The dryer can be stopped at any time by pressing the “STOP/CLEAR” key, at this time the

dryer will go into a cycle pause. If the “STOP/CLEAR” key is pressed again at this point, the
cycle that was in progress will be cancelled and returned to the “READY” state.

5. When the programmed drying time has expired, the Phase 7 non-coin microprocessor controller (computer)

will proceed into the Cool Down Cycle.

6. Once the Cool Down Cycle begins at the end of the heat cycle, the L.E.D. display will read COOL DOWN

TEMP ___/___ MINUTES REMAINING. At the end of the heat cycle, the dryer will shut off the heat
and continue the fan and basket (tumbler) until the Cool Down Time or temperature is reached.

IMPORTANT: For more detailed information regarding the microprocessor controller (computer) on

the dryer, refer to the microprocessor user’s manual included with the dryer.


1. Turn drying timer knob for a time of 20 minutes.

2. Select “High Temp.”

3. Push “Push to Start” button.

4. To stop dryer, open the main door.

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