Important – Maytag MDG30MNV User Manual

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Retain This Manual In A Safe Place For Future Reference

This product embodies advanced concepts in engineering, design, and safety. If this product is properly maintained, it will
provide many years of efficient, trouble free, and most importantly safe operation.

ONLY qualified technicians should service this equipment.

OBSERVE ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS displayed on the equipment or specified in the installation manual included with
the dryer.

The following “FOR YOUR SAFETY” caution must be posted near the dryer in a prominent location.


Information must be obtained from your local gas supplier on the instructions
to be followed if the user smells gas. These instructions must be posted in a
prominent location near the dryer.


Do not store or use gasoline or
other flammable vapors and
liquids in the vicinity of this or
any other appliance.


Ne pas entreposer ni utiliser d’essence
ni d’autres vapeurs ou liquides
inflammables à proximité de cet
appareil ou de tout autre appareil.

We have tried to make this manual as complete as possible and hope you will find it useful. The manufacturer reserves the
right to make changes from time to time, without notice or obligation, in prices, specifications, colors, and material, and to
change or discontinue models. The illustrations included

in this manual may not depict your particular dryer exactly.


For your convenience, log the following information:

DATE OF PURCHASE ____________________________________________________ MODEL NO. ______________________

DEALER’S NAME __________________________________________________________________________________________

Serial Number(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________________



For replacement parts, contact the dealer from which the dryer was purchased or contact:

Maytag Co.

Benton Harbor, MI


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