Oven cooking, Adjusting the oven temperature, Keep warm – Maytag MGR6751BDW User Manual

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Oven Cooking

Adjusting the Oven Temperature

Oven temperatures are carefully tested for accuracy at the
factory. It is normal to notice some baking or browning
differences between a new oven and an old one. As ranges
get older, the oven temperature can shift.

You may adjust the oven temperature if you think the oven is
not baking or browning correctly. To decide how much to
change the temperature, set the temperature 25° higher or
lower than your recipe recommends, then bake. The results
of the “test” should give you an idea of how much to adjust
the temperature.

To adjust the oven temperature:

1. Press the appropriate Bake pad.

2. Enter 550° by pressing the More+ pad.

3. Press and hold the Bake pad for several

seconds or until “0°” and “AdJ” (which
signifies ‘adjust’) appear in the display.

If the oven temperature was previously adjusted, the
change will be displayed. For example, if the oven tem-
perature was reduced by 15° the display will show “-15°”.

4. Press the More+ or Less- pad to adjust the temperature.

Each time a pad is pressed, the temperature changes by
5°. The oven temperature can be increased or decreased
by 5° to 35°.

5. The time of day will automatically reappear in the display.

You do not need to readjust the oven temperature if there
is a power failure or interruption. Broiling and cleaning
temperatures cannot be adjusted.

Keep Warm Notes:

• For optimal food quality, oven cooked foods should be kept

warm for no longer than 1 to 2 hours.

• To keep foods from drying, cover loosely with foil or a lid.

To warm dinner rolls:

- cover rolls loosely with foil and place in oven.

- press Keep Warm and More+ pads to set 170° F.

- warm for 12-15 minutes.

To warm plates:

- place 2 stacks of up to four plates each in the oven.

- press Keep Warm and More+ pads to set 170° F.

- warm for five minutes, turn off the oven and leave plates

in the oven for 15 minutes more.

- use only oven-safe plates, check with the manufacturer.

- do not set warm dishes on a cold surface as rapid

temperature changes could cause crazing or breakage.

Keep Warm

For safely keeping foods warm or for warming breads and

To set Keep Warm:

1. Press the Keep Warm pad for the

appropriate oven.

• “Warm” flashes.

• “000°” flashes in the display.

2. Select the Keep Warm temperature. The Keep

Warm temperature can be set from 145° to
190°. Press or press and hold the More+ or
Less- pad.

• 170° will light when either pad is first pressed.

• Press the More+ pad to increase the temperature.

• Press the Less- pad to decrease the temperature.

“Warm” and the temperature will be displayed while Keep
Warm is active.

To cancel Keep Warm:

1. Press the CANCEL pad.

2. Remove food from the oven.