Important safety instructions, Child safety, About your appliance – Maytag MGR6751BDW User Manual

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Do not use water on grease fires. Use baking soda, a
dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher to smother fire
or flame.

Child Safety

To check if device is properly installed, look underneath
range with a flashlight to make sure one of the rear
leveling legs is properly engaged in the bracket slot. The
anti-tip device secures the rear leveling leg to the floor
when properly engaged. You should check this anytime
the range has been moved.

To Prevent Fire or Smoke

Be sure all packing materials are removed from the
appliance before operating it.

Keep area around appliance clear and free from combus-
tible materials, gasoline, and other flammable vapors and

If appliance is installed near a window, proper precau-
tions should be taken to prevent curtains from blowing
over burners.

NEVER leave any items on the cooktop. The hot air from
the vent may ignite flammable items and may increase
pressure in closed containers which may cause them to

Many aerosol-type spray cans are EXPLOSIVE when
exposed to heat and may be highly flammable. Avoid
their use or storage near an appliance.

Many plastics are vulnerable to heat. Keep plastics away
from parts of the appliance that may become warm or
hot. Do not leave plastic items on the cooktop as they
may melt or soften if left too close to the vent or a lighted
surface burner.

To eliminate the hazard of reaching over hot surface
burners, cabinet storage should not be provided directly
above a unit. If storage is provided, it should be limited to
items which are used infrequently and which are safely
stored in an area subjected to heat from an appliance.
Temperatures may be unsafe for some items, such as
volatile liquids, cleaners or aerosol sprays.

In Case of Fire

Turn off appliance and ventilating hood to avoid spread-
ing the flame. Extinguish flame then turn on hood to
remove smoke and odor.

Cooktop: Smother fire or flame in a pan with a lid or

cookie sheet.

NEVER pick up or move a flaming pan.

Ovens: Smother fire or flame by closing the oven doors.


NEVER store items of interest to children in cabinets
above an appliance or on backguard of a range.
Children climbing on the appliance door to reach
items could be seriously injured.

NEVER leave children alone or unsupervised near the
appliance when it is in use or is still hot.

NEVER allow children to sit or stand on any part of the
appliance as they could be injured or burned.

Children must be taught that the appliance and utensils
in it can be hot. Let hot utensils cool in a safe place, out
of reach of small children. Children should be taught
that an appliance is not a toy. Children should not be
allowed to play with controls or other parts of the unit.

About Your Appliance

The oven vent is located at the base of the backguard.

Avoid touching oven vent area while oven is on and for
several minutes after oven is turned off. Some parts of
the vent and surrounding area become hot enough to

Important Safety Instructions


NEVER use appliance doors as a step stool or seat as this
may result in possible tipping of the appliance and serious

NEVER use this appliance as a space heater to heat or
warm a room. Doing so may result in carbon monox-
ide poisoning and overheating of the oven.

NEVER cover any slots, holes or passages in the oven
bottom or cover the entire rack with materials such as
aluminum foil. Doing so blocks air flow through the
oven and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
Aluminum foil may also trap heat causing a fire

NEVER obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation
air by blocking the oven vent or air intakes. Doing so
restricts air to the burners and may result in carbon
monoxide poisoning.