Maintenance, Oven doors oven windows, Upper and lower oven lights – Maytag MGR6751BDW User Manual

Page 20: Caution

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Oven Doors

Oven Windows

To protect the oven door window:

1. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as steel wool

scouring pads or powdered cleansers as they may scratch
the glass.

2. Do not hit the glass with pots, pans, furniture, toys, or other


3. Do not close the oven door until the oven racks are in


Scratching, hitting, jarring or stressing the glass may weaken
its structure causing an increased risk of breakage at a later

To assure the proper replacement bulb is used, order bulb from
Maytag. Call 1-877-232-6771 USA and 1-800-688-8408 Canada,
ask for part number 74009925 - halogen bulb.

To replace oven light bulbs:

1. Disconnect power to the range.

2. When oven is cool, use fingertips to grasp edge of bulb cover.

Pull out and remove.

3. Carefully remove old bulb by pulling straight out of ceramic


4. To avoid damaging or decreasing the life of the new bulb, do

not touch the bulb with bare hands or fingers. Hold with a
cloth or paper towel. Push new bulb prongs straight into
small holes of ceramic base.

5. Replace bulb cover by snapping into place.

6. Reconnect power to range. Reset clock.

Upper and Lower Oven Lights

Note: The oven door on a new range may feel “spongy”
when it is closed. This is normal and will decrease with use.

• Disconnect power to oven before replacing light bulb.

• Allow oven to cool before replacing light bulb.

• Make sure bulb cover and bulb are cool before touching.

• Do not place excessive weight on or stand on open oven

doors. This could cause the range to tip over, break the
doors, or injure the user.

• Do not attempt to open or close doors or operate oven

until doors are properly replaced.

• Never place fingers between hinge and front oven frame.

Hinge arms are spring mounted. If accidentally hit, the
hinge will slam shut against oven frame and could injure
your fingers.

Both the upper and lower oven doors are removable.

To remove:

1. When cool, open the oven door to the broil stop position

(opened about four inches).

2. Grasp door at each side. Do not use the door handle to lift


3. Lift up evenly until door clears hinge arms.

To replace:

1. Grasp door at each side.

2. Align slots in the door with the hinge arms on the range.

3. Slide the door down onto the hinge arms until the door is

completely seated on the hinges. Push down on the top
corners of the door to completely seat door on hinges.
Door should not appear crooked.