Surface cooking, Surface controls pilotless ignition, Suggested heat settings – Maytag MGR6751BDW User Manual

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Surface Cooking

Surface Controls

Pilotless Ignition

Pilotless ignition eliminates the
need for a constant standing
pilot light. Each surface burner
has a spark ignitor. Use care
when cleaning around the
surface burner.

If the surface burner does
not light, check if ignitor is
broken, soiled or wet.

Setting the controls:

The size and type of cookware will affect the heat setting.

1. Place a pan on the burner grate.

The burner flame may lift off or appear separated from
the port if a pan is not placed on the grate.

2. Push in and turn the knob counterclockwise to the Light


A clicking (spark) sound will be heard and the burner
will light. (All four ignitors will spark when any surface
burner knob is turned to the Light position.)

3. After the burner lights, turn knob to desired flame size.

The ignitor will continue to spark until the knob is
turned past the Light position.

4. After cooking, turn knob to OFF. Remove pan.

Operating During a
Power Failure

Surface Control Knobs

Use to turn on the surface burners. An infinite choice of heat
settings is available from Low to High. The knobs can be set
on or between any of the settings.

Graphics next to the knob identify which burner the knob
controls. For example, the graphic at right shows the
left front burner location.


• If flame should go out during a cooking operation, turn

the burner off. If a strong gas odor is detected, open a
window and wait five minutes before relighting the

• Be sure all surface controls are set in the OFF position

before supplying gas to the range.

NEVER touch cooktop until it has cooled. Expect some

parts of the cooktop, especially around the burners, to
become warm or hot during cooking. Use potholders to
protect hands.


When lighting the surface burners, be sure all of the
controls are in the OFF position. Strike the match first and
hold it in position before turning the knob to Light.

1. Hold a lighted match to the desired surface burner head.

2. Push in and turn the control knob slowly to Light.

3. When the burner lights, adjust the flame to the desired


High: Use to bring liquid to a boil, or reach
pressure in a pressure cooker. Always
reduce setting to a lower heat when liquids
begin to boil or foods begin to cook.

Intermediate flame sizes are used to
continue cooking. Food will not cook any
faster when a higher flame setting is used
than needed to maintain a gentle boil.
Water boils at the same temperature
whether boiling gently or vigorously.

Low: Use to simmer foods, keep foods
warm and melt chocolate or butter. Some
cooking may take place on the Low
setting if the pan is covered. Be sure
flame is stable.

Suggested Heat Settings