Oven cooking, Automatic shut-off/sabbath mode, Oven vent – Maytag MGR6751BDW User Manual

Page 14: Oven lights, Oven bottom, Pilotless ignition

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Oven Cooking

Automatic Shut-Off/Sabbath

The ovens will automatically turn off after 12 hours if you
accidentally leave them on. The oven MUST be set for a
bake operation before setting the Automatic Shut-off/
Sabbath Mode.

To cancel the 12-hour shut-off and run the
oven continuously for 72 hours:

1. Set the oven to bake (see page 9).

2. Press and hold the Clock pad for five seconds.

• “SAbbAth”* will be displayed and flash for five seconds.

• “SAbbAth” will then be displayed continuously until

turned off or until the 72-hour time limit is reached.

• “Bake” and the oven temperature will also be displayed

if a bake setting is in use while the oven is in Sabbath

All other functions EXCEPT BAKE (Timer, Keep Warm,
Clean, etc.) are locked out during the Sabbath Mode.

To cancel Bake when in Sabbath Mode:

Press the CANCEL pad.

• “Bake” and the oven temperature will turn

off in the display.

• “SabbAth” appears in the display.

• “Time” no longer appears in the display.

To cancel the Sabbath Mode:

1. Press the Clock pad for five seconds.

• “SAbbAth” will flash for five seconds.

• The time of day will return to the display.


2. After 72 hours, the Sabbath Mode will end.

• “SAbbAth” will flash for five seconds.

• The time of day will return to the display.

Sabbath Mode Notes:

• Sabbath Mode can be turned on only when the ovens

are on.

• Sabbath Mode cannot be turned on if the touchpads are

locked out or when the doors are locked.

• If the oven light is desired while in Sabbath Mode, it

must be turned on before the Sabbath Mode is started.

• When the Sabbath Mode is started, no preheat beep will


• All prompts, messages and beeps are deactivated when

Sabbath Mode is active.

• The automatic door lock does not operate during the

Sabbath Mode.

• Pressing CANCEL pad will cancel a bake cycle, however the

control will stay in the Sabbath Mode.

• If power fails, the ovens will power up in Sabbath Mode

with 72 hours remaining and no cycle active.

Do not place
plastics near the
vent opening as
heat from the vent
could distort or
melt the plastic.


Oven Vent

When the oven is in use the area near the vent may become
hot enough to cause burns. Never block the vent opening.

The oven vent is located below the backguard vent shield
on your range.

When high moisture foods are cooked in the upper oven, steam
may be visible coming from the oven vent. This is normal.

Oven Lights

The oven lights automatically come on whenever an oven door
is opened. When the door is closed, press the Oven Light pad
to turn the oven lights on or off. A beep will
sound every time the Oven Light pad is pressed.

Oven Bottom

Protect oven bottom against spillovers, especially acidic or
sugary spills, as they may discolor the porcelain enamel. Use
the correct pan size to avoid spillovers and boilovers. Do not
place aluminum foil directly on either oven bottom. Do
not place pans on the oven bottom while baking or
roasting in the upper or lower oven. You may place pans
on oven bottom for broiling in upper oven only.

Pilotless Ignition

Your range is equipped with pilotless ignition. With this type of
ignition system, the gas automatically shuts off and the oven
will not operate during a power failure.

A lighted match will not light the oven burner. No attempt
should be made to operate the oven during a power

* Note: “SAbbAth” appears in the display on two lines: SAb .