Oven cooking, Create-a-space, Half rack – Maytag MGR5775QDW User Manual

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Half Rack

Select range models are
equipped with a convertible
half rack. The left side of
the rack can be removed
to accommodate a large
roaster on the lower
rack. The right side of
the rack is still
available to hold a
casserole dish.


• The removable section of the rack can be used as a

roasting rack in a broiling pan. Do not use the top insert
when using the rack in a broiling pan.

• The removable section of the rack can be used as a

cooling rack or trivet.

• Make sure oven is cool before removing or reinstalling

the half rack.

• Do not use cookware that extends beyond edge of rack.

• For best results, allow two inches between the pan

placed on the rack and the oven side wall.

• Use caution when removing items from the half rack to

avoid burns.

• Carefully remove items from the lower rack to avoid

disturbing the half rack.

Baking Layer Cakes on Two Racks

For best results when baking cakes on two racks, use racks
2 and 4.

Place the cakes on the rack as shown.

Oven Bottom: Place oven rack on
raised sides of oven bottom. Use
for additional space when cooking
large oven meals.


Two rack: Use rack positions 3
and 6, or 2 and 4.


Oven Cooking