Troubleshooting – Maytag MGR5775QDW User Manual

Page 25

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For most concerns, try these first.

• Check if oven controls have been properly set.
• Check to be sure plug is securely inserted into receptacle.
• Check or re-set circuit breaker. Check or replace fuse.
• Check power supply.

Surface burner fails to light.

• Check to be sure unit is properly connected to power supply.
• Check for a blown circuit fuse or a tripped main circuit breaker.
• Check to be sure ignitor is dry and clicking. Burner will not light if ignitor is damaged,

soiled or wet. If ignitor doesn’t click, turn control knob OFF.

The flame is uneven.

• Burner ports may be clogged.

Surface burner flame lifts

• Check to be sure a pan is sitting on the grate above.

off ports.

Baking results are not as

• Check the oven temperature selected. Make sure oven is preheated when recipe

expected or differ from

or directions recommend preheat.

previous oven.

• Make sure the oven vent has not been blocked. See page 16 for location.
• Check to make sure range is level.
• Temperatures often vary between a new oven and an old one. As ovens age, the oven

temperature often “drifts” and may become hotter or cooler. See page 15 for
instructions on adjusting the oven temperature. Note: It is not recommended to
adjust the temperature if only one or two recipes are in question.

• Use correct pan. Dark pans produce dark browning. Shiny pans produce light


• Check rack positions and pan placement. Stagger pans when using two racks. Allow

1-2 inches between pans and oven wall.

• Check the use of foil in the oven. Never use foil to cover an entire oven rack. Place

a small piece of foil on the rack below the pan to catch spillovers.

Food is not broiling properly or

• Check oven rack positions. Food may be too close to flame.

smokes excessively.

• Aluminum foil was incorrectly used. Never line the broiler insert with foil.
• Trim excess fat from meat before broiling.
• A soiled broiler pan was used.
• Preheat oven for 2-3 minutes before placing food in the oven.
• Broil with the oven door closed.

Oven will not self-clean.

• Check to make sure the cycle is not set for a delayed start. See pages 18-19.
• Check if door is closed.
• Check if control is in Sabbath Mode. See page 14.
• Oven may be over 400° F. Oven temperature must be below 400° F to program a

clean cycle.