Surface cooking, Cooktop, Sealed gas burners – Maytag MGR5775QDW User Manual

Page 7: Power boost burner, Simmer burner, Operating during a power failure

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Surface Cooking


To prevent the cooktop from discoloring or

Clean cooktop after each use.

Wipe acidic or sugary spills as soon as the cooktop has

cooled as these spills may discolor the


Unlike a range with standard gas burners,
this cooktop does not lift-up nor is it
removable. Do not attempt to lift the

cooktop for any reason.

Sealed Gas Burners

The sealed burners of your range are secured to the cooktop
and are not designed to be removed. Since the burners are
sealed into the cooktop, boilovers or spills will not seep
underneath the cooktop.

However, the burner should be cleaned after each use. The
head portion of the burner is easily removed for cleaning.
(See page 20 for cleaning directions.)

The burner heads must be correctly placed on the burner
base for proper operation of the burner.

Power Boost Burner*

There is one high speed burner on your
range, located in the right front
position. This burner offers higher
speed cooking that can be used to
quickly bring water to a boil and for
large-quantity cooking.

Simmer Burner

This burner is located in the center
position. The simmer burner offers a
lower BTU* flame for delicate sauces or
melting chocolate.

* BTU ratings will vary when using LP gas.


When lighting the surface burners, be sure all of the
controls are in the OFF position. Strike the match first and
hold it in position before turning the knob to LITE.

Operating During a
Power Failure

1. Hold a lighted match to the desired surface burner.

2. Push in and turn the control knob slowly to LITE.

3. Adjust the flame to the desired level.