Surface cooking, Burner grates – Maytag MGR5775QDW User Manual

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A properly adjusted burner with clean ports will light
within a few seconds. If using natural gas, the flame
will be blue with a deeper blue inner cone.

If the burner flame is yellow or is noisy, the air/gas
mixture may be incorrect. Contact a service technician
to adjust. (Adjustments are not covered by the war-

With LP gas, slight yellow tips on the flames are
acceptable. This is normal and adjustment is not

With some types of gas, you may hear a “popping”
sound when the surface burner is turned off. This is a
normal operating sound of the burner.

If the control knob is turned very quickly from HI to
LO, the flame may go out, particularly if the burner is
cold. If this occurs, turn the knob to the OFF position,
wait several seconds and relight the burner.

The flame should be adjusted so it does not extend
beyond the edge of the pan.

Burner Grates

The grates must be properly positioned before cooking.
When installing the grates, place the tab ends toward the
center, matching the straight bars.

Improper installation of the grates may result in chipping of
the cooktop.

Do not operate the burners without a pan on the grate.
The grate’s porcelain finish may chip without a pan to
absorb the heat from the burner flame.

Use care when stirring food in a pot/pan sitting on the burner
grate. The grates have a smooth finish for ease of cleaning.
The pot/pan will slide if the handle is not held. This may result
in spilling of hot food items and may be a burn hazard.

Although the burner grates are durable, they will gradually
lose their shine and/or discolor, due to the high temperatures
of the gas flame.


Surface Cooking