Maintenance, Storage drawer, Removal of gas appliance – Maytag MGR5775QDW User Manual

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Storage Drawer

The storage drawer can be removed to allow you to clean
under the range.

To remove:

1. Empty drawer and pull out to the first stop position.

2. Lift up the front of the drawer.

3. Pull out to the second stop position.

4. Grasp sides and lift drawer up and out.

To replace:

1. Fit the ends of the drawer glides into the rails in the range.

2. Lift up the front of the drawer and gently push in to the

first stop position.

3. Lift drawer up again and push until drawer is closed.

Removal of Gas Appliance

Gas appliance connectors used to connect this appliance to
the gas supply are not designed for continuous movement.
Once installed, DO NOT repeatedly move this gas appliance
for cleaning or to relocate. If this appliance has to be moved
and/or removed for servicing, follow the procedure described
in the installation instructions. For information, contact
Maytag Customer Assistance at 1-800-688-9900 USA or
1-800-688-2002 Canada.

To prevent range from accidentally tipping, range must be
secured to the floor by sliding rear leveling leg into the anti-
tip bracket.


Do not store plastic, paper products, food or flammable
materials in this drawer. The drawer may become too warm
for these items when the oven is in use.